I am a multidisciplinary designer working across all facets of the film, television and exhibition industries.
I design, visualise, prototype and build.
This site is a portfolio of my work and projects
Please contact Neil on yohoho@hotmail.com
Previously I worked (2007) designing and manufacturing educational displays for clients and science centers in the United Kingdom, Malasia, Thailand and Norway.
Prior to this, I joined the Oxford based company  Immersive Education (1999) as a senior artist producing real time simulations based on games technology for historically accurate educational software. We constructed a virtual navigable medieval village with which the user could interact.
When in Asia I joined the Television Corporation of Singapore (1997) producing broadcast graphics and special effects for their on air productions.
In 1994 I was in Hong Kong creating architectural models for the new airport.  I then moved into computer graphics producing advertising, architectural and corporate videos.
Whilst in Los Angeles (1991) I undertook the making of full size space shuttle simulator rides for various museums.
I worked on the construction of a fictitious mechanical set piece for the Bruce Willis Tri Star Columbia motion picture “Hudson Hawk” (1989) and was also involved with the set up and running of the “Gold Machine” during studio filming in Budapest.
The BBC Visual Effects Department (1987) gave me the opportunity to work on a range of mechanical special effects associated with television and film production.
The pre computer graphics era saw me working as a model maker in the areas of advertising stills photography and television commercials.
My training was as an Industrial Designer at the Central School of Art and Design (1984)