Water Board Privatisation Television Commercial

water board 01 water board 02

 water board 06 water board 05

water board 08 water board 07 water board 03

Tony Robinson: Maid Marian and Her Merry Men children’s television show

rubber_hand rubber_bath rubber mirror_crack

Londons Burning stunt man/shop fire

fire londons burning fire_rig 01 fire_shop

fire_shop 02 fire londons burning 2

Video Londons Burning Shop Fire

Collapsing jetty/truck in doc

truck_dock 03 truck_dock02

Various props/rigs

stage_budda lo tv_jerk_rig prop sword

Commercial: Television rises up through the ground

tv_up_ground tv ground lo

Video Television Commercial


prop spider prop dispaly_footprint prop dispaly_bottle

prop book  prop dispaly_stone_crusherprop cadbury

Central Television channel ident

central ident_windmils central rope_rig central rope break

Video Central Television Ident Rope Rig

Shark Attack! leisure center activity

prop leisure_shark prop leisure_shark_2

Explosions: War Drama reconstruction

petrol_cart_2  explode 02 lo explode 01 lo